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Acoustic Silent Board ACOUSTIC WALL LINER
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100mm Lightweight Block
JCW Acoustic Silent Board
All board jointing to be sealed with
with Acoustic Sealant or butt boards up to 5mm Isolating Strips and seal minor gaps with Acoustic Sealant.
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Acoustic overlay improvement board for new and existing walls
Acoustic plasterboard laminated to an acoustic resilient layer
• Could be used as a remedial solution for sound test failures • Plasterboard surface ready for decoration
Sheet Size : 27.5mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (1.44 m2) Weight: 24.7 kgs
Typical Acoustic Performance of Wall Construction shown above Airborne: 45 dB Rw + Ctr
Method of Compliance
Approved Document E/ Section 5 Scotland
Ancillary Products
JCW Acoustic Sealant (310ml)
JCW Acoustic Isolation Strips
JCW Fire & Acoustic Socket Box Inserts

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