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RR20 Multi-Purpose Matting
JCW RR20 is a high performance, cost effective polyurethane bound rubber granulate material. RR20 is different to other products as it is both recyclable and yet will retain its acoustic properties throughout a long and maintenance free lifespan.
Mat Dimensions: 1m x 1m Standard Thickness: 20mm (other thicknesses available on request) Weight: RR20mm is 15.6 kgs/m2
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 0.05N/mm2 (5000kgs/m2) Temperature Resistance: -40oC up to +110°C
Static Modulus of Elasticity*: 0.10 - 0.44N/mm2 Compression Set to DIN 53572**: Approx. 4.10%
Tensile Strength to DIN 53571: Min 0.30N/mm2 Elongation at Break to DIN 53571: Min 60% Tear Resistance to DIN 53515: Min 3.0N/mm Flammability: Class B2
Thermal Conductivity: 0.14W/mK
* Figures dependent upon load, natural frequency
and material thickness
**Measured 30 minutes after decompression with 50% deformation @ 23°C after 72 hours
JCW RR20 has a multitude of applications including: airborne wall improvement, impact and vibration reduction through
The product is therefore typically suitable for:
• Airborne reduction
• Impact reduction
Gyms, and machinery types such as power presses etc
• Vibration reduction
units and compressors etc
• Dampening: Internal structures & panels
• Excellent dampening and isolation characteristics • Quick and easy to cut, trim & lay
WALL application: RR20 is most commonly applied to brick/ plastered walls that are virtually impervious; the suggested adhesive is a (double stick) Contact Adhesive applied to both
method will vary depending on the application.
Note: Where adhesive bonding is required the walls or
to bond correctly.

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