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Acoustic Impacta Rubber
01 65mm sand & cement screed can be laid directly on top of Impacta Rubber. 40mm proprietary screeds (min 80kg/m2) require a Polythene layer above the Impacta
with overlapped & taped joints
02 JCW Acoustic Impacta Rubber
03 JCW Acoustic Impacta Rubber perimeter edge detail. Foam Flanking Strip is scored for ease of use
04 150mm (min) Concrete Floor
05 Metal Ceiling System with 150mm (min) void and 1 layer of 8kgs/m 2 gypsum based board
06 Overlap a minimum of 50mm and tape all joints
02 04 05
JCW Acoustic Flanking Strip
Bonded recycled rubber granulate
Concrete Floor Types
• Impacta Rubber can be used on all pre-cast concrete
of 300 kg/m2 and a metal framed ceiling type as illustrated above
• Impacta Rubber is economical and easy to install
• Accessories needed: 150mm (h) pre-scored Flanking Strip. Black Cloth Jointing tape
PCT & PT Scotland
• Acoustic Impacta Rubber under screed Impact layer for beneath sand & cement or proprietary screeds
• It is essential all components are correctly installed
and detailed to meet the requirements for PCT and PT (Scotland) where Pre-completion Sound Testing is required
Roll Size: 5mm x 1000mm x 10m (10.00 m2) Roll Weight: 20.5 kgs
Typical Acoustic Performance of Floor Construction shown above. Impact: L'nt,w 54 dB Airborne: D'nt,w + Ctr 49 dB
Method of Compliance
Approved Document E/ Section 5 Scotland
Ancillary Products
JCW Black Cloth Jointing Tape JCW Acoustic Flanking Strip

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