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Acoustic Impactalay (Plus)
01 02
02 JCW Impactalay (Plus)
03 JCW Impactalay
04 Resilient Bars and 2 layers
x 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard
05 100mm x 45kgs/m3 Mineral Wool Slab
06 225mm depth Timber Joists
Impactalay Plus: two acoustic layers of barrier mat with a resilient chip foam core Impactalay: a single acoustic barrier mat layer with a resilient chip foam base
• Ideal domestic Impact and Airborne sound insulation product where height is restricted
• Easily cut, trimmed and shaped for fast installation
• Impactalay Matting can be loose laid with taped joints
Edging Strips are required with carpet installations to raise and support the carpet gripper strips
• Due to the resilient nature of Impactalay & Plus, thin Wood Laminates will require a 6mm bonded ply layer. T&G 6mm or 9mm MDF is suggested when installing bonded carpet,
& joint creasing
• 15mm Impactalay Plus overlay system could be considered for Conversion projects based on the above structure
• It is essential the recommended components shown above are correctly installed and detailed when Pre-completion Sound Testing is required
Sheet Size : Impactalay: 12mm x 1200mm x 1000mm (1.2 m2) Weight m2: 8 kgs/m2 Sheet Weight: 9.6 kgs
Sheet Size : Impactalay Plus: 15mm x 600mm x 1200mm (0.72 m2) Weight m2: 15 kgs/m2 Sheet Weight: 10.80 kgs
UKAS accredited laboratory test data for the Floor Construction above:
Impactalay (12mm): Impact: 38 dB Ln,w Airborne Rw + Ctr: 49 dB Rw + Ctr Impactalay Plus (15mm): Impact: 39 dB Ln,w Airborne Rw + Ctr: 51 dB Rw + Ctr
Method of Compliance
PCT/PT (Scotland)
Ancillary Products
JCW Impactalay Plus Gripper Strip JCW Black Cloth Jointing Tape JCW Impacta Adhesive

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