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Acoustic Cradle Levelling System CONCRETE FLOOR CRADLE & BATTEN
02 03
01 18mm t&g chipboard @ 400mm centres
02 40mm min directly applied sand & cement
or proprietary screed (min 80kg/m2)
03 JCW Acoustic Cradle Levelling System
04 JCW L Shaped or Flat Perimeter Edging Strip detail
05 Metal Ceiling System with 100mm (min) void and 1 layer of 8kgs/m2 gypsum based board
06 150mm (min) Concrete Floor
requires Mineral Wool Fibre between the battens of 25mm (min) 10-36 kg/m3.
JCW Acoustic Cradle Levelling System
1. 2. 3. 4.
1. 2mm Packers
2. Acoustic Cradle
3. 20mm Stacker
4. 10mm Acoustic Foam
FFT-2 Resilient Cradle and Batten System
Robust Detail (Registered Sites)
• Acoustic Cradles = FFT-2 Floating Floor Types: E-FC-1, E-FC-2 &
accredited laboratory test data meets the Robust Detail requirements. Pre-completion Testing is not required
PCT/PT & Refurbishment
accredited laboratory test data
illustrated above
• It is essential all components
are correctly installed and detailed to meet the requirements where Pre-completion Sound Testing
is required
Reduction in Impact Sound Transmission: rd ∆ Lw 28 dB
Method of Compliance
Robust Detail, PCT/PT (Scotland)
Ancillary Products
JCW Flat Edging Strip (50 Lm x 150mm x 5mm)
JCW Universal L Shaped Strip (2 Lm x 53mm x 23mm) JCW Waterproof PVA Adhesive (1 Litre)
JCW Acoustic Sealant (310ml)

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