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Road & Rail Embankments
With its high strength-to-weight ratio and ability to withstand mechanical loads, S and B fill can assist in reducing the pressure on soils when taking into account the high unacceptable loadings that can be present, whilst offering a proven economical alternative to piled construction.
Paving thickness required
Fixing details for barriers, lighting, columns etc.
S and B fill offers a cost effective lightweight solution that takes away the problem of unacceptable stresses encountered when using traditional fill materials and reduces the probability of settlement.
Traditional fill materials can be liable to unacceptable settlement when used on railway embankments.
S and B Fill with its high strength-to-weight ratio offers a cost effective solution to loads encountered in railway construction.
S and B fill offers a fast cost effective method of building noise bunds to eliminate sound transfer by means of erecting a barrier between road traffic noise and housing, whilst offering the advantage of a 1% weight ratio to that of traditional materials.
S and B fill when used in landscaping, with its high strength-to-weight ratio, can elevate the pressures on underlying structures and services in both soft and hard landscaping.
S and B Fill
Necessary drainage
Compacted sand levelling course
Surface covering and grading
Protective Membrane
Foundation soils
Effective consolidation and disturbance weight of fill material
Overall structural bouyancy
Noise Bunds & Landscaping
Soil cover
S and B Fill
Compacted sand levelling course

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