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S and B EPS Lambdatherm ® is a specially designed EPS that contains tiny chemically modified particles that reflect heat radiation and gives the material its grey colour. These infrared absorbers and reflectors lower the thermal conductivity of the material offering a thickness reduction of about 20% against standard white EPS. S and B Lambdatherm ® boards are designed for the insulation of ground floors, in a variety of applications both domestic and commercial.
• S and B EPS flooring offers excellent thermal performance providing savings in energy costs and higher comfort levels in dwellings.
• Maintains its thermal efficiency throughout the life of a building.
Masonry Block
S and B EPS flooring is compatible with timber, cement, concrete, brick masonry and mortars it is compatible with bitumen based membranes but should not be used with membranes based on coal tar pitches. Plasticised PVC electrical cables can react with EPS when in direct contact. This reaction does not affect the performance of the EPS or the insulation properties of the cables. However it is recommended that PVC
S and B EPS Lambatherm®
Concrete cables be run in conduit wherever possible.
Standard board sizes 2400 x 1200 thickness 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90 and 100mm with non-standard sizes supplied to order. Tongue and Grooved boards 1200 x 600 thickness 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90 and 100mm with non- standard sizes supplied to order.
Cavity wall, Structural insulated panels [SIPS], External wall, Ground floors and Pre-stressed concrete beams.
Grades Supplied:
• S and B Lambdatherm ® ELITE: 0.030 w/mk (thermal conductivity can be obtained) • S and B Lambdatherm ® 70: 0.032 w/mk (thermal conductivity can be obtained)
S and B EPS Flooring is manufactured from expanded polystyrene conforming to BSEN 13163. 171

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