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Gyproc Cornice Strips
Gyproc Cornice Strips are pre-cut lengths of glass reinforced gypsum board, designed to enhance Gyproc Cove or Gyproc Cornice installations. They can be used in a variety of combinations to create unique stepped profles to suit individual tastes. Dimensions 12.5 x 100 x 2400mm.
Length Lengths Article Lead mm per carton number time days
Weight per carton (Kg)
2400 8 08024/1 1 26
Gyproc Cornice Battens
Gyproc Cornice Battens are pre-cut lengths of glass reinforced gypsum board, and are the perfect time saver, allowing Gyproc Cornice to be installed over existing old cove profles without the need to remove them. Dimensions 10 x 25 x 1200mm.
Length mm
Lengths per carton
Article Lead number time days
08023/4 3
Weight per carton (Kg)
Gyproc Cove Adhesive
Gypsum-based adhesive specially formulated for the fxing of Gyproc Cove and Cornice products. Coverage of approximately 4m of either Cove and Cornice per 1kg. Available in 5kg and 12.5kg bags.
Bag Article Lead Size (Kg) number time days
5 04946/0 1
12.5 04948/4 1
Gyproc Soundcoat Plus
Bags per pallet
Weight per pallet (Tonnes)
80 1.0
Gypsum-based parge coat to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of masonry walls by minimising air leakage. Coverage based on 6mm thickness. Used in Robust Detail constructions. Conforms to EN 13279-1.
Bag Coverage Article Lead Size per bag m2 number time days
Bags per pallet
Weight per pallet (Tonnes)
25 10493/0 5 1 56 1.4

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