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Low Permeability Gas Membrane
Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane (LPGM) offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against radon, carbon dioxide and low levels of methane gas when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane is a robust co-polymer thermoplastic membrane approved for use in NHBC Amber 1 and Amber 2 applications.
• Low permeability to carbon dioxide, radon and low levels of methane
• Approved for use in NHBC Amber 1 and Amber 2 applications
• High quality robust co-polymer thermoplastic membrane
• Supplied in centre folded sheeting which reduces the risk of cracks in screed • BBA Certificate 13/5069 and CE Mark 13967
GX Geomembrane
Visqueen GX Geomembrane is a high quality single layer HDPE membrane suitable for use as a barrier membrane on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons and methane. Visqueen GX Geomembrane has a high puncture and impact resistance meaning it requires no protective screed or boarding when laying reinforced concrete above it. Also suitable as a damp proof membrane.
• Low Permeability to Hydrocarbon substances and vapours • High quality single layer HDPE
• Excellent puncture and tear resistance
• Complies with current codes of practice
• Also acts as a DPM
TorchOn Tanking Membrane
Visqueen TorchOn Tanking Membrane is a heavy duty waterproofing membrane for above & below ground applications, in both vertical and horizontal situations. Visqueen TorchOn prevents the ingress of water and is ideal for use in cold weather conditions due to the hot bonding (torch bonding) installation process.
• Robust tanking membrane
• Ideal for cold weather application
• Suitable for gas protection applications
• Torch bonded laps provide a homogenously sealed junction
• Used in basements, car parks, lift pits, reinforced concrete slabs and retaining walls 263

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