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S and B Crios System Board
S and B EPS Crios system boards have been specifically designed to assist in the laying of underfloor heating systems. It is a combination of an EPS board bonded to a coated split woven membrane, the membrane is blue in colour with a 50mm grid pattern to allow straight runs to be easily achieved and as with all other S and B EPS products is both CFC and HCFC free.
Pipes Screed Floor Finish: Tiles, carpet,
wood etc.
S and B EPS Crios system boards are available in standard sizes of 2.4 x 1.2m with a 50mm film overhang on two of the sides allowing a continuous seamless surface to be formed by taping. Standard thickness range from 25mm to 200mm with other thicknesses available on request.
S and B EPS Crios system boards are available in the following grades: EPS 70, EPS 100, EPS 150, EPS 200, EPS 500 and Lambdatherm.
Coated split woven
membrane with Expanded
50mm square grid Polystyrene
S and B EPS Crios system boards are compatible with most types of screed and readily accept all preparatory fixings ensuring that pipes remain in position until they are encased in the
floor screed.
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Gridwork provides an easy guide for installers allowing quick and accurate placing of pipe runs down to a minimum spacing of 50mm.
Split woven membrane actively prevents pipe clips from pulling out of the material holding the pipework securely in place whilst screed is poured. The 50mm overlap allows for easy taping of the joints which prevents screed from entering joints between boards.
Crios boards are quick and easy to install when compared to standard boards covered with a seperate membrane.
The split woven membrane helps to protect the surface of the eps boards during installation.
Crios Boards are available in a variety of thicknesses to allow most u values to be achieved.
Excellent price to performance ratio.

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