Page 160 - Glow Insulation Product Guide
P. 160

 Closes off cavities around window and door reveals
 Available in cavity widths 50 - 180mm
 Rigid PVCu profile
 Extruded polystyrene insulation (ODP and GWP rating
 Part L compliant
 Preferred by specifiers and main contractors
 Closes off cavities around window and door reveals
 One profile provides 5 standard cavity widths
(50,65,75,85 and 100mm)
 Ideal for extensions
 100mm low lambda EPS easily cut down on site to required cavity width (ODP and GWP rating zero)
 Part L compliant
Frame Former
 2.4m lengths
 Insulation 30mm thick
 Can be built in with PVC ties as brickwork progresses or
simply nail to block
 2.4m lengths
 Insulation 30mm thick
 Simply nail to block
 Available in check reveal (single flange)
Fitting Instructions:
Build up to sill and brace former squarely
 Brick up jambs, using ties at 300mm centres
 Continue around head detail and remove timber brace,
fit window
Standard dimensions:
 17 x 100/165mm x 10m coil
 17 x 140/225mm x 10m coil
 Non standard sizes available on request
 Patent pending
 75 x 225 x 1200mm
 200mm wide DPC
 100 x 17mm insulation block  Supplied in 1m lengths
 Rigid PVCu frame former
 Acts as a bricklaying template enabling a thermally 
efficient fitting of windows and doors
 Compatible with all window and door materials
 Part L compliant
Insulated DPC
 Closes off cavities around window and door openings with the use of a return block
 Easy to install
 Prevents cold bridging
 Exceeds minimum requirement of 0.45 W/mK provided
the window is set back 30mm
 Polyethylene insulation
 Prevents cold bridging around the perimeter of buildings at DPM level
 Provides thermal solution around perimeter of block and beam floor
 Rockfibre insulation block encapsulated with a DPM grade flanged sleeve
 DPM flange easily fixed to perimeter block
 Conforms to 2009 Enhanced Construction Detail
Coping Closer
Can be easily cut to suit cavity width
Seals cavity below copings in parapet walls

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