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Protect BarriAir with integrated lap and sealing tapes is a high performance and multi-purpose coated non-woven membrane which forms a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control qualities. Helps to avoid interstitial condensation risk within insulation in accordance with BS 5250.
Available in 1.5m x 50m rolls, easy to cut and lightweight to handle.
Protect TF200® is a high performance membrane with high wet strength, water resistance and high water vapour permeability. Protect TF200 is both CE marked and BM TRADA certified and is used as a water resistant membrane in timber framed panel construction. Helps to avoid condensation risk within the wall construction complying with BS5250 and NHBC requirements.
Available in 1.35m, 2.7m and 3.0m x 100m roll sizes.
TF200 Thermo
Protect TF200 Thermo is a high performance timber frame membrane with high tear strength, weather resistance and vapour permeability. Protect TF200 Thermo has all the features and benefits of the tried and tested Protect TF200 membrane, but with the addition of a highly reflective surface enhancing the thermal performance of the final wall construction. Meets the permeability requirements recommended by TRADA and NHBC. BM TRADA Independently certified.
Available in 1.5m x 50m, 2.7m and 3m x 100m roll sizes.
Protect FCM750 has been specifically developed to provide a simple and practical solution for maintaining the integrity of the airtightness system at difficult intermediate floor junctions. Available in practical 50m rolls, in two widths, 0.75m for standard floors, or 1.0m wide for deeper or acoustic floors.
Available in 0.75m and 1.0m x 50m roll sizes. 155

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