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Safe-R Rainscreen [SR/RS]
Xtratherm Safe-R Rainscreen SR/RS is CFC/HCFC free, manufactured using a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). Safe-R Phenolic achieves an A+ rating under the BRE Green Guide.
Thermal conductivity range:
0.020 – 0.023 W/mK
Low Emmissivity Foil Facings
Superior Performance Phenolic Resin Foam
Board size:
2400mm x 1200mm
Board Profile:
Square Edge Only
• Superior Thermal Performance • Class ‘O’ fire rating
• Low Smoke Obscuration
• Easy to Install
• Suitable for use in buildings over 18m
• Meeting the criteria within BR135, successfully tested to BS 8414: 2002. • Non-deleterious material
• Manufactured with zero ODP blowing agent
• May be used between studs or as sheathing
• Aids fast track building programmes
• Closed cell structure – moisture resistant 119

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