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Insulating your home

We all know that the cost of heating our homes is becoming increasingly more expensive this is why it’s imperative we should insulate our buildings correctly whether it’s a new build, commercial building, extension or a refurb. At Glow Insulation we can give impartial advise on all insulation and acoustic matters as we stock a wide variety of different insulations from all the market leading insulation manufactures.

All building fabrics should achieve a certain U Value whether it be floors - solid concrete & suspended timber, walls - timber frame or traditional, flat & pitched roofs. The reason why we look to make a more thermally efficient fabric is to reduce energy bills, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce reliance on renewable technologies and have a more comfortable internal environment with less temperature fluctuations.

If you have a set of drawings for an extension or a new build or for a new housing scheme then please give us a call as we can advise on the insulation requirements to comply within section 6. There have been a lot of new product come onto the market to help lower U Values down U Values such as reflective VCL’s, reflective breather membranes and lower lamda glass mineral wools. Although the thermal performance of a dwelling is very important so now is noise transmission. This is covered in section 5 of the building regulation and covers all internal partitions and separating floors. Since the changes in 2010 all partitions and separating floors now have to have an airborne sound reduction of 43db. We can advise on solutions to comply with this in conjunction with British Gypsum.

So if you have any questions or issues in regards to insulation or acoustic requirements then please don’t hesitate to call 01382 612277 and let us provide you with the correct solution for your budget and construction build up.

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We are happy to offer and advice on how best to insulate your home and recommend what products would best be suited to your needs and requirements. We offer this advice freely and under no obligation to buy. At Glow Insulation our team of experts are happy to assist and offer advice from our extensive years of experience working in the industry.


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